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The price of olive oil in origin rises.


Product prices in origin have experienced in recent days an increase greater than 20% before the next harvest forecast a downward. The lack of rain in the spring has caused a fall harvest of between 800,000 and 900,000 tones, 50% below last harvest.

According to the data handled by operators, the prices of a lamp oil or olive oil of lower quality, have risen from an average of 1.65 euros kilo throughout the campaign figures slightly above two euros, while for virgin olive oil price exceeded  2.20 euros kilo.

From production, Agustín Rodríguez, head of the olive sector in Andalusia UPA speaks about the recovery against the ruinous prices supported in the past.

Olive oil of lower quality has gone from an average of 1.65 euros a kilo more than two euros
This sharp increase has taken by surprise to some industries, while large retailers started the price impact on sales prices to final consumers.


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