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GRANDMA semicured cheese . LARGE PIECE APPROX ¼ 0,750 KG.

Semi-hard cheese made from pasteurized sheep's milk. Soft flavour but intense  within the range of semi-cured cheeses.

This semicured is made with pasteurized sheep's milk, with a cut to the center and white colour tones, near the bark bright yellow, small eyes, uniform but marked. His appearance in crust is typical of the early months of healing with olive oil.

Which can vary with a thin layer of paraffin that softens colour.

This cheese maintains a firm texture and compact consistency, elasticity is low, when you cut it.
Very mild odour, no persistence sheep milk because pasteurization. What does not prevent, that even being a semicured cheese,  remembers the taste of cheese  made from unpasteurized before. Without being pasty, it has a more elastic point  than his brother Ovejita de Guijarro Semi .His healing time is 3 months.

We can find it in sizes of approx: Small piece 1.2. and medium piece 2,8 Kg.


- Leche pasteurizada de oveja

- Fermentos lácticos

- Cuajo

- Lisozima (derivada del huevo)

- Cloruro cálcico

- Sal



Huevo Huevo
Lácteos Lácteos

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