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d.o.La Rosera saffron box of 5 gr.

Origen España

What is saffron?
The saffron is the most precious natural seasoning of the world, for their unique features give stews qualities of colour, unique flavour and aroma, which together with its beneficial health effects make you enjoy an extraordinary enduring prestige through the centuries.

Our Saffron:
Saffron is made by hand following all processes, peel, toasted, floral remains clean, quality analysis and comprehensive control packaging to reach the point of sale in top condition and maintain these conditions for a long time.

Therapeutic properties:
Today it is widely used in pharmacy, especially for the production of ophthalmic preparations (tinctures, extracts, eye drops and water). In folk medicine saffron is used as a mild stimulant, appetizer, stomach and digestion flattering. It is soothing and antispasmodic, suitable against child teething pains.
In the field of food, saffron has a great value as an excellent culinary spice for soups, sauces and salads. It is used as a flavoring and coloring species; today it is a condiment worldwide appreciated.

We highlight among others, the following properties:
-Stimulates appetite
-Promotes Digestion
-Fighting Cough and bronchitis
-reduces Colic and insomnia
-Calm down child unrest in teething problems (rubbing the gums with infusion)
-Contributes Remedy disorders ovarian
- Aphrodisiac Properties
-Beneficial For the Spleen
-Cardiovascular Protector
-Source Potential anticancer agents
-It favors assimilation of lipids
-Increase Diffusion of oxygen in the blood, which has demonstrated activity against arteriosclerosis
-Reductor Of cholesterol in the blood.
-Hepatic Protector
-Antioxidant Ability



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Alberto Maroto
07 Aug, 2015
Un aroma peculiar
Mi último comentario por hoy respecto a mis compras de hace 1 mes. He querido dedicar los comentarios a esta gran tienda, descubierta por casualidad por una recomendación de unos amigos. Y volveremos sin duda y espero que Guillermo ( perdón por preguntar tanto jejejejeje) , nos aconseje más vinos y queso. El azafrán aún esta precintado , pero como sea como el resto.......... menudo olor ( especial ) nada que ver con lo que compramos en la capital. Deseando probarlo ya. Un saludo.
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